We have regular events and educational evenings.   This includes fun runs, cycles and event nights, whereas our educational talks and meeting occur on a more regular basis.  This is our calendar of events below.   Our Facebook feed is integrated into this page below that shows whats going on at the moment 'live' from our facebook page, so even if you don't use facebook, you will still see it here.

CALENDAR OF EVENTS from 9th August 2018 – December 2019

9th August 2018 ASAP Founded

10th September 2018 ASAP Launch Night

17th November 2018 World Remembrance Mass

6th December 2018 Safe Talk Course

16th December 2018 Christmas Ribbon Event

11th March 2019 Time to Talk

3rd April 2019 Mindfulness with Kati Simpson

10th April 2019 Nutrition / Fitness with Burke’s Body Shop

17th April 2019 Nutritional Therapist with Joanne Gubbins

 1st May 2019 Yoga with Jill Leonard

19th May 2019 Ballymadun 9km Fun Run

May 2019 Light Up Ashbourne Green “See Change”

7th June 2019 Walk ‘n Talk

14th June 2019 Rory’s Stories Home Coming Event

17th July 2019 Yoga with Nichola O’Hanlon

11th August 2019 Athenry to Ashbourne Cycle with Ashbourne     Rugby Club

10th September 2019 Walk ‘n Talk (5km Local Walk)

10th October 2019 Inspirational Talks

Liam Moggan (Performance Coach) 

Ashling Thompson (Camogie All Star)

Doug Leddin (Mental Health Advocate)

17th November 2019 Annual Remembrance Mass

15th December 2019 Christmas Green Ribbon Wish Event

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